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About Sason Hogi Group

Sason Hogi Group initiates, develops, builds and markets real estate projects, incuding office towers, dwelling buildings and private houses in Israel and abroad.

The Sason Hogi Group was founded 60 years ago by the holder of controlling interest Sason Hogi, a civil engineer who founded the company, developed it and is now the CEO and active chairman. Sason Hogi is at the top of a rooted company. His life’s work is continued by him and the younger generation, while maintaining efficient, practical and focused management of daily affairs and hi is the key to the success every project had brought for the last six decades.

The Group operates in Israel and abroad, but is mostly focused on Israel and has financial strength that allows it to have wide scope of work. Under The parent company operate three subsidiaries, which are branches of execution and managers of project initiation and construction in popular real estate areas in central Israel, including Remat Gan, Herzliya, Patach Tikva, Kiryat Ono and Tel Aviv.

The office towers of the Group are in sole ownership, which gives a huge advantage to renters in daily management, renovations and maintenance, with the intention to maintain the quality of the structures for future years.

Throughout the years, Sason Hogi Group had established a reputation as a company that provides its clients with assets of the highest quality technological construction and design in Israel.

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